Find your healthiest hair


Today, there is no reason the hair should be less than healthy. Most professional products are always made gentle away from or free off harmful drying, damaging ingredients.

Before shampooing your hair, ask yourself how does my scalp feel today? Mostly focus on that. Ideally, clean enough but, not dry or stripped natural oil of the hair.


Use heat protection professional products, not off the shelf brands.  Whether blow drying, curling or flat ironing. Do not put your heat settings ‘high’ for any styling. Heat opens the cuticle, drying and causing frizz and brittle hair.


Good care practices will translate into your hair color lasting longer until next touch up or look its best; smooth, silky and shiny locks.



Having a Hair stylists who is knowledgeable, caring and passionate about what she or he does.  Hair Stylist that strives to work with you and educates you for after care.


‘You are not dressed up until your hair looks good enough’


Happy Hair Day!

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