I cringe as a hairstylist when I see hair that…by Zeynep, Hairstylist

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Yes, I cringe when I see hair that compromised and damaged. It can be exposure to Sun without a Sunscreen for Sun worshipers, or some color job they did at home, excessive processing without a good professional’s eye. Hair looks frizzy, burnt split ends (even a trim may not fix the condition.)


Home color job is not a good idea as they are still harsher, contain too much ammonia or anything else. I don’t care how much conditioning, they claim, they are. Applying the color overlapping and keeping it on too long is not good for your hair.


Using Flat Iron or high heat Blow Dryers are also a big problem. Don’t let your tools pass 325 degrees when using them. When possible style your hair with natural waves by bringing out more waves apply plenty soft gentle cream or gel to lock the waves in. Let it dry naturally when possible. Flaunt your hair like a Lion!


Some clients come in after a home job, now, I have to use extra color and time to fix it. Use conditioner to replace some moisture and a bond connector to repair hair condition as much possible. This may cost extra time and money. Long hair stays with you longer for the fact that it stays with you longer. Short hair gets healthier sooner as it is cut more often. Fine hair with longer lengths has to be more vigilant as it is more prone to damage having less layers than a medium and coarse strand.


Hair is the first thing people notice on us. I find people looking at my hair first walking by, literally, not kidding, it must look good!

If you are paying for cable, movies, shouldn’t  you pay for your hair on a regular bases? Compare the yearly cost..

You deserve it.  Happy Hair Week!

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