Hair it a luxury or a necessity?

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Hair lacks moisture after warm weather, swimming, salt water or chlorine water exposure. Have your appointment accordingly to get a conditioning treatment. Faded color and grown out roots are big appearance impact at first site.

First impression is lasting impression even we see people on a regular bases. (Have to tell this to myself, too.:)


Hair color needs to be touched up at the roots, possibly refreshed with more gentle version from mid shaft to ends. Have ample amount of time when you go see your Hair Stylist.

Try not to rush, don’t look at your watch while getting service done: Hair cut, design or a color or a new color, and cut. ¬†Your Hair Stylist will not keep you in her or his chair more than your hair needs it. A good and through service takes time. Life is busy, find time to relax there.


Do not look for high lights or balayage ¬†where sun does not see. It is not natural. Trust your hairstylist! They are there to please you so, you will return. We do this job, because we are passionate and we love our clients and work. If we don’t enjoy what we are doing, the hairstylist will not stay in this profession, ninety nine percent of the time. Make sure you find and have an experienced hair stylist.


Hair changes, keep up with it.

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