Hair it a luxury or a necessity?

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Hair lacks moisture after warm weather, swimming, salt water or chlorine water exposure. Have your appointment accordingly to get a conditioning treatment. Faded color and grown out roots are big appearance impact at first site. First impression is lasting impression even we see people on a regular bases. (Have to […]

Hair Color and Style in Summer months

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How is your hair looking and feeling now? We are at the end of July. ┬áMost of us took the time to get away mostly under the sun. It is probably time for a hair Cut most of all for Color touch up Highlights / Balayage or a totally different […]

I cringe as a hairstylist when I see hair that…by Zeynep, Hairstylist

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Yes, I cringe when I see hair that compromised and damaged. It can be exposure to Sun without a Sunscreen for Sun worshipers, or some color job they did at home, excessive processing without a good professional’s eye. Hair looks frizzy, burnt split ends (even a trim may not fix […]

hair by zeynep of Bel Air, MD

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Feel and look good!!! Call hair by Zeynep in Bel Air at 443-528-5602 or Call 410-420 1552 Zeynep’s Hair at Infinity Salon Spa of Bel Air

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