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Fashion Colors for hair; Get the best usage from your hair color a good communication and consultation is required. Disclose what had been done to your hair before, history is important with going forward with a new color. It may need time, protection from lightning procedure and may need few […]

Hair Moisture, Moisture, Moisture – Summer End Hair Stylist Advice

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I hate to say it, Summer End is approaching… Your hair got some beating from the sun and swimming, and ponytail styles…   Time to do hair talk and see your stylist for more than once hair treatment, invest in a professional gentle shampoo conditioners that don’t have unnecessary ingredients […]

Using professional products on your hair..

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Good hair products are not optional but necessary during cleansing, styling and finishing. I recommend to use products bought from Hair Salons or stores that carry them.   Products are changing and improving every day. This is very exciting. Sulfate free, parabane free types are better for your hair, does […]

See Zeynep for your hair color, any color and new cut, text or call now..

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I am a Master Colorist with and Extensive Experience in Bel Air, Harford County area get your ultimate hair care without traveling to NYC or LA with affordable prices. It is fashion colors, or naturals, from Grey Coverage ( who likes grey, unless it is beautiful silver) or just want […]

Great Hair Service Price

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Any¬† Hair Color you want from an Experienced Hair Stylist Zeynep, in Bel Air Harford County, without traveling to NYC or LA to get top notch hair color and cut. Fashion colors or Natural hair color to cover grey or just to get a texture, without frizz contact Master Hair […]

Color not just for Gray Hair

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Hair color have come a long way; the color now is very conditioning, leaves the hair silky smooth. Pigments go into the hair cuticle/strand feeding hair to become smooth, lifts hair to be more manageable, easier to style, with a great movement! Enjoy, Don’t forget to refresh your cut and […]

Happy Hair in the New Year

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Hair styles with body and smooth and healthy textures with big waves and/or lift at the root area will trend this new year in 2017. We will see medium lengths to pixie, to below shoulder lengths a lot more. Smoothing will slowly go away unless you really have course and […]

Smooth, healthy and shiny hair

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I used  colorplex today on all my hair colors, the result was beautiful. All colored hair ended up soft, smooth and shiny. I was impressed with results. Easy to use for the stylist and great for clients hair.

Hair Tip by Zeynep

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Here is my second tip for your hair’s health!   Always dry your hair one hundred percent before using any hair styling tool…

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